IGCheck vs Hypeauditor

There are many paid/premium tools out there that are similar to IGCheck, here we'll just cover Hypeauditor as we've found that amongst the other paid solutions, only Hypeauditor is going to have additional features worth paying for. How does Hypeauditor compare against IGCheck? Is IGCheck a comparable free alternative to Hypeauditor


For starters. IGCheck is a free service paid for by ads ($1 per additional report beyond the initial free 50 reports) while Hypeauditor is more for a premium service ($7-30 per report).

Whether Hypeauditor is worth the premium find out below.


Follower/Following Data

If you'd like a general understanding of follower growth and engagement trending, both IGCheck and Hypeauditor provide an equivalent statistic of the influencer account.

Followers and Following on Hypeauditor

IGCheck has the equivalent data with a little more details on trending. See Sample Report

Just using this data alone on both IGCheck and Hypeauditor, you can easily to identify spikes and dives that indicate that the influencer either bought followers or used follow for follow (F4F) groups etc.


Engagement Data

Hypeauditor takes a more black box approach to this with just numbers and indicators to say good or bad.

Hypeauditor Engagement

This is where IGCheck takes a more statistical approach with a trending graph to help identify engagement spikes either because the campaign was super engaging or if the influencer has paid for engagement or used an engagement pod to get the numbers up.

IGCheck Engagement

IGCheck uses trending and post breakdown to make more meaningful sense of which and what content worked rather than a pre-processed analysis.



For the more advanced users both IGCheck and Hypeauditor comes with APIs. For IGCheck this comes free with the service while for Hypeauditor this is an add-on that you will have to pay for.


Demographic Data (The Hypeauditor Bonus)

This is where we feel Hypeauditor excels beyond IGCheck and other competitors. It is able to figure out the demographic breakdown of the influencer just by scanning their public information. This is usually only available with authentication to the Instagram account but they have combined other 3rd party sources to determine this. Kudos and for this, we feel is definitely worth the $7-30 per report. Afterall you won't want to be marketing to the wrong demographic.

Demographic Info

In Summary

IGCheck and Hypeauditor has pretty much the same amount of data on the Influencer on Follower/Following and Engagement monitoring. The demographic data could be the premium that one could pay for.

Still find it hard to decide?

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IGCheck is completely free to use once you've signed up.


Why would you promote a competitor?

In full disclosure, IGCheck does not intend to compete with Hypeauditor as they clearly have the more advanced reporting data that appeals to a different audience of users. We operate in the free/open data space while they provide proprietary data sources. You can say that IGCheck is the free or open source alternative to Hypeauditor or Hypeauditor is the premium version of IGCheck. In the spirit of what's best for our users, we've decided to make it fully transparent that they have the premium service and that you should use their service if you require the indepth analysis. Also if you use our affiliate link it will help keep our lights on. https://hypeauditor.com/?source=8connect

Data Discrepancies

We've noticed some discrepancies between the data at IGCheck and that found on Hypeauditor. Considering IGCheck adopts a raw data approach (aka we take directly from Instagram and don't process the data), we can assume that IGCheck has a more accurate data from source.