IGCheck vs SocialBlade

With the inclusion of Youtube and Facebook stats to IGCheck, IGCheck has now expanded beyond just reporting for Instagram analytics. Comparing with another popular Social Media tracking site SocialBlade, are not as extensive as they are. If you are looking for data on Twitter, Twitch, DailyMotion and Mixer, you can only find it over at SocialBlade.

*Update:IGCheck now checks for Twitter, Twitch and Mixer.

Similar to Hypeauditor, SocialBlade does provide ratings and rankings to the various profiles. IGCheck prefers to be a neutral on this as the rating of an influencer is also dependent on their niche and fit with the product/brand they are representing.


On data details, you will find that IGCheck provides a more comprehensive view of the influencer while SocialBlade only tracks a thin amount of data with top level data of follower/following and total uploads


1 page with bare minimal stats from Social Blade vs 3 pages of detailed analytics by IGCheck




The 3 page report that is exportable to PDF definitely beats SocialBlade hands down. However, arguably SocialBlade is not just a data analytics site but provides extensive advise for aspiring Youtubers. If you require a little more than just data but prefer to get some tips and advice on Youtube and some consulting working done, you'll be able to find that on SocialBlade.

In short SocialBlade's bare minimal reports is more of a lead generation for their main intent in Youtube consulting, however if you are looking for a more detailed analytics tool than IGCheck you can check out Hypeauditor