IGcheck.com is a free to use open data service for brand owners, marketers and influencers. We keep verified records of Influencer Engagement reports and make them available for free.  The core offering is around Instagram but we have also made this available for Facebook and Youtube. We are thinking about Twitter and Twitch at the moment.

For Influencers, this can help you become more efficient in understanding your users and content by cross comparing your content's performance over time. In addition, if you are using engagement/follow groups, trains etc... you can find out which groups have been yielding the best results. If you are not using data to grow your followers, this article will help you.

For Brands and Marketers, using data it's easy to identify influencers that have the right engagement with their follower base. Worried about fake followers and fake engagement? By looking at the charts on IGCheck it is easy to spot historical anomalies and not rely on guesstimate indicators provided on other tools on the internet. https://www.igcheck.com/page/2-simple-steps-to-identify-fake-influencers

IGCheck is and open and free project supported by ads and affiliate links. To help maintain server loads, each registered account will be given access to up to 50 free reports. If you require additional reports, each additional report will cost 1 point or USD$1. 

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